Cutter wheel for cutting brittle materials



The invention relates to the field of cutters for cutting brittle materials, and provides a cutter wheel for cutting brittle materials. The cutter wheel comprises a wheel body and a plurality of wheel teeth. The wheel teeth are formed on the wheel, each wheel tooth comprises a first auxiliary edge, a main edge and a second auxiliary edge which are sequentially connected with one another and are coplanar; certain oblique planes, which are positioned on the same side of a plane where the main edge, the first auxiliary edge and the second auxiliary edge of each wheel tooth are positioned, and among oblique planes for forming the main edge, the first auxiliary edge and the second auxiliary edge of the wheel tooth, are sequentially connected with one another; a sunken region is formed between the main edges of every two adjacent wheel teeth in the wheel, and the first auxiliary edges and the second auxiliary edges are positioned in the sunken regions. The cutter wheel has the advantages that the uniform continuity of cut lines can be enhanced, cutting breaking properties of the brittle materials can be improved, the cutting yield of the brittle materials can be increased, and accordingly, the mechanical strength of cut edge regions of brittle material products can be improved, and the service stability of the products can be improved.




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