4-phenyl-2-aminopyrimidine compound, as well as preparation method and applications thereof



The invention discloses a 4-phenyl-2-aminopyrimidine compound, the structure of which is shown in the general formula I, wherein X is shown in the specification, R0 is hydrogen, methyl or ethyl; R1 is hydrogen, methyl, ethyl or isopropyl; R2 is isopropyl, methylthio methyl, substituted phenyl or indolyl; the compound is R configuration, S configuration or racemate. The compound is novel in structure, and the compound with a brand-new structure and the capability of inhibiting the growth activity of tumor cells (PC-3) can be obtained by taking 4-phenyl-2-aminopyrimidine as a novel parent nucleus and introducing different types of amino acids into meta-position or para-position of phenyl.




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