Multi-stage composite dust removal device



The invention relates to a multi-stage composite dust removal device which comprises a dust suction channel, a recycling and storing chamber, a filtering box and a pressure reduction exhaust device. a dust suction fan is arranged in the dust suction channel, an air inlet of the recycling and storing chamber is connected with an air outlet end of the dust suction channel, multiple baffles distributed in a staggered mode in the horizontal direction are arranged in the recycling and storing chamber, a pond is arranged on the lower portion in the filtering box, the upper portion in the filtering box is divided into a first filtering chamber and a second filtering chamber through a partition board, the bottom of the first filtering chamber and the bottom of the second filtering chamber are communicated and are a certain distance away from the water surface of the pond, an air inlet of the first filtering chamber is connected with an air outlet of the recycling and storing chamber, a sprayer is arranged on one side in the first filtering chamber, an absorption net is arranged on the other side of the first filtering chamber, a rinsing head is arranged at the upper end of the absorption net, at least one filtering net is arranged in the second filtering chamber, and an air outlet of the second filtering chamber is connected with the pressure reduction exhaust device. By means of the dust removal device, dust can be almost completely removed, and the dust removal device has the advantages of being good in dust removal effect, high in dust removal efficiency, convenient to use, low in dust removal resistance, low in energy consumption and the like.




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