Method and system for acquiring age of female individual of Chinese population



The invention provides a method and a system for acquiring an age of a female individual of Chinese population. The method comprises the following steps: extracting DNA (Deoxyribonucleic Acid) of the female individual, acquiring methylation indexes of 11 CpG loci of the DNA, conducting regress analysis to the methylation indexes of each GpG loci, the 11 CpG loci and the age with SPSS 17 (Statistic Package for Social Science) software, and constructing a regression model to obtain the age of the female individual of the Chinese population. The scheme provided by the invention can accurately obtain the age of the female individual of the Chinese population, deduces the age of the individual with a biologically examined blood or blood stain sample remained in a crime scene of the public security actual combat, so as to facilitate targeting of the range of criminal suspects, provide clues for investigation of the case, and increase the detection speed of the case.




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