Lubricating oil for ships



The invention discloses lubricating oil for ships, and relates to the technical field of fine chemical engineering. The lubricating oil for ships is prepared from the following raw materials in parts by weight: 80-100 parts of sucrose ester, 1-5 parts of an amino antioxidant, 2-7 parts of amino sodium phosphate, 3-5 parts of sorbitan monooleate, 4 parts of N,N'-disulfoxide salicyl propane diamine and 2-8 parts of sulfurized calcium phenolate. The lubricating oil for ships, which is disclosed by the invention, is excellent in anti-oxidation property, corrosion resistance, water resistance and shearing stability, the property degradation of the lubricating oil which contacts moisture for a long time is avoided, and the service life of the lubricating oil is prolonged.




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