Nanometer interior wall decorative coating



Interior wall decorative coating comprises nanometer composite materials and general raw materials for producing wall coating. A preparation method of the interior wall decorative coating comprises steps of taking, by weight part, 2.0 to 20 parts of the nanometer composite materials, 9 to 10 parts of anatase titanium dioxide, 8 to 10 parts of coarse whiting, 5 to 7.5 parts of wollastonite in powder, 7 to 10 parts of calcined kaolin and 6 to 7.5 parts of talcum powder; taking cellulose, a dispersing agent, a wetting agent, an antifoaming agent 340, styrene-acrylic emulsion, a coalescing agent, a sterilizing agent and water for producing wall surface coating; adding the above materials into a mixer and obtaining the interior wall decorative coating. The interior wall decorative coating has the advantages of being green and environmental friendly and protecting human health due to the nanometer composite materials, killing indoor bacteria and viruses for a long time, absorbing and resolving organic pollutant, being free of secondary pollution; being strong in adhesive force and large in firmness, avoiding unshelling and peeling and being long-term in luster performance.




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