Traditional Chinese medicine medicated bath for treating skin tinea and preparing method thereof


  • Inventors: XU HUI
  • Assignees: 李�浩
  • Publication Date: December 10, 2014
  • Publication Number: CN-104189191-A


The invention discloses traditional Chinese medicine medicated bath for treating skin tinea. The traditional Chinese medicine medicated bath is prepared from the following main raw materials in a ratio by weight: 12-20 parts of fructus kochiae, 6-10 parts of four-leaf asarum, 10-15 parts of fructus cnidii, 6-10 parts of myrcia, 9-18 parts of radix sophorae flavescentis, 6-15 parts of cortex phellodendri, 15-25 parts of common carpesium fruit, 12-25 parts of cortex dictamni, 9-18 parts of gynocardia, 20-35 parts of mirabilite, 10-20 parts of cicada slough, 8-16 parts of rhubarb, 3-6 parts of arsenopyrite, 4-8 parts of hydrargrum oxydatum crudum, 6-15 parts of raw almond, 5-12 parts of dried alum, 6-15 parts of acoru tatarinowii and 6-18 parts of honeycomb. The traditional Chinese medicine medicated bath has sterilizing, itching relieving, disinfectant and anti-inflammatory effects and is used for treating skin diseases, such as tinea capitis, tinea cruris, tinea manus, tinea pedis and psoriasis.




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