Traditional Chinese medicine composition treating bone fracture


  • Inventors: ZHENG HONG
  • Assignees: 郑宏
  • Publication Date: December 03, 2014
  • Publication Number: CN-104173424-A


A provided traditional Chinese medicine composition treating bone fracture is composed of the following compositions by weight: 1000-1200 g of pyritum, 1000-1200 g of williams elder twig, 1000-1200 g of a herbal medicine named as Liuhan on Chongqing mountains, 1000-1200 g of rhizoma drynariae, 1000-1200 g of radix glycyrrhizae, 1000-1200 g of lignum sappan, and 1000-1200 g of acacia catechu. The provided traditional Chinese medicine composition treating bone fracture is prepared according to the characteristics of national traditional Chinese medicine theory, and consists of medicines capable of activating blood and resolving stasis, dispersing swelling and relieving pain, and accelerating callus growth. On the basis of not destroying original effective compositions of raw medicinal materials, the formula raw materials are mixed and grinded to prepare a powder, a capsule, a granula, an oral liquid or a pill, and the traditional Chinese medicine composition is a special-effect medicine for treating bone fracture.




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