Printing quality visual detection method


  • Inventors: LIN XIAOBO
  • Assignees: 林小博
  • Publication Date: November 19, 2014
  • Publication Number: CN-104155311-A


The invention discloses a printing quality visual detection method, and the method includes the following content: a label quality detection system which can be installed on a printing machine, a rewinding inspection machine and a slitting machine, a detection data server and a machine table. The label quality detection system detects a label of a to-be-detected product, and defect information of the product location, image and product label is uploaded to the detection data server; the detection data server is responsible for receiving, storing and transmitting the defect information of the product label; the machine table is used for carrying a product with a defective label, and can download the defect information corresponding to the product label from the detection data server; workers can choose the defective label needed to be eliminated on the machine table and eventually complete the label uncovering and labeling processes. The beneficial effects of the printing quality visual detection method are that the whole testing process does not stop, and the overall efficiency is 2-4 times of that of a single point mode.




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