Special packing for high-pressure rubber tube for petroleum transportation, and preparation method of packing



The invention discloses a special packing for a high-pressure rubber tube for petroleum transportation. The packing is prepared from the following raw materials in parts by weight: 15-20 parts of chlorosulfonated polyethylene, 10-15 parts of semi-reinforcing carbon black, 1-2 parts of cerium tetrafluoride, 1-2 parts of cobalt naphthenate, 3-6 parts of nanoscale titanium dioxide, 1-2 parts of cuprous chloride, 3-5 parts of graphene, 1-2 parts of capric acid, 1-2 parts of sulfonated lanolin, 60-65 parts of pulverized fuel ash, a proper amount of 4-6% hydrochloric acid, a proper amount of water, and 15-20 parts of auxiliaries. The chlorosulfonated polyethylene, semi-reinforcing carbon black, nanoscale titanium dioxide and graphene are added in the packing, so that the rubber tube has excellent antiskid, anti-wear, oil-resistant and corrosion-resistant properties, as well as an corrosion resistance property; through the use of pulverized fuel ash, the cost is lowered, and the reinforcing property is good; through the use of the auxiliaries, the strength and impact toughness resistance of the high-pressure rubber tube can be enhanced, and the high-pressure rubber tube is not easily blistered and deformed. The packing is applicable to production of high-pressure rubber tubes for oil transportation, long in service life, and safe and reliable.




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