Solid waste pyrolysis waste residue sintered brick and preparing method thereof



The invention provides a solid waste pyrolysis waste residue sintered brick and a preparing method of the solid waste pyrolysis waste residue sintered brick. The sintered brick is prepared by the following components of, by weight, 64% to 74% of clay, 15% to 25% of coal gangue, 5% to 15% of solid waste pyrolysis waste residues and 0.5% to 1.5% of water. The clay, the coal gangue and the solid waste pyrolysis waste residues are crushed through a jaw crusher, a hammer crusher and a fine grinding roll crusher in three levels and stirred through a double-shaft mixer, evenly-mixed materials are conveyed to an aging bin to be aged, the raw materials are fully homogenized, then conveyed to a forming workshop and extruded and formed through an extruder, so that a blank is obtained, finally the blank is conveyed to a tunnel drying chamber to be dried, and therefore a finished product is obtained. The waste residues remaining after a solid waste pyrolysis gasification reaction in the waste disposal process serve as the raw materials of the sintered brick, resource utilization of urban and rural waste is achieved, waste harmless, reducing and recycling disposal is guaranteed, meanwhile brick making cost is greatly reduced, and strength of the sintered brick is improved.




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