HLA co-simulation method supporting LabView graphical programming



The invention relates to an HLA multi-field co-simulation method oriented to LabView graphical programming. The method comprises the steps that first, FOM extension is conducted according to a simulation demand, and a related HLA service and a call-back complex process are packed to be structured federation basis codes; a CLF interface specification of a C++ language program is called according to a LabView, a dynamic-link library file CLF-DLL capable of being directly called by a CLF node is written, and the relation of a LabView graphical simulation program and an RTI service function is established; the LabView is packed to be a CLF node HLA-CLF through the process that the CLF-DLL calls various services of the HLA; at last, the HLA-CLF is used for establishing a simulation process framework of LabView federation members, and a LabView graphical simulation model is called to form independent and complete LabView federation members. The HLA co-simulation method supporting LabView graphical programming can guarantee the consistency and the simulation efficiency of nodes of an HLA co-simulation system, can be used for LabView federation member development oriented to various HLA software platforms, and also can provide important reference for other simulation software (such as Matlab and Scilab) to be connected to an HLA/RTI simulation system.




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