Preparation methods of traditional Chinese medicine gel and traditional Chinese medicine lotion for treating dermatopathy



The invention respectively discloses preparation methods of a traditional Chinese medicine gel and a traditional Chinese medicine lotion for treating dermatopathy. The preparation method of the traditional Chinese medicine gel comprises the following steps: distilling swamp mahogany leaf and fructus cnidii to extract volatile oil and collect a water solution; refluxing golden cypress for extraction, and filtering the alcohol extract; adding water into radix sophorae flavescentis, dandelion, fructus kochiae and red peony root for decoction, then filtering, merging with the water solution after distillation of the swamp mahogany leaf and fructus cnidii, concentrating, standing for cooling, adding ethanol, refrigerating, taking supernatant for merging with the golden cypress alcohol extract, recovering the ethanol, filtering and concentrating to form a medicinal liquid; dissolving carbomer in pure water to form a carbomer solution, dissolving borneol with propylene glycol; adding volatile oil and laurocapram into the propylene glycol dissolved with the borneol, then adding the propylene glycol into the medicinal liquid; adding the medicinal liquid into the carbomer solution, adjusting the pH to 5.3 with an acid and alkali regulator. The traditional Chinese medicine gel and the traditional Chinese medicine lotion prepared by the preparation methods can clear away heat and toxic materials, dispel dampness, remove swelling, kill parasites and relieve itching, and are easy to use and free of side effect.




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